Can I Keep My Insurance Policies in a Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

If you are filing bankruptcy and have a life insurance policy with a cash surrender value, it's important to be aware of the limits of what you are allowed to keep.

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What Will Happen to My Term Life Insurance Policy?

Term life insurance is not an issue in bankruptcy as it has no cash surrender value. As long as you continue making payments on your term life insurance, your coverage will continue.

What if My Life Insurance Has a Cash Surrender Value?

If your life insurance policy has a cash surrender value, you can protect a substantial amount when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Jersey. The exact amount that you are allowed to keep will depend on your other assets.

If you have a life insurance policy with a substantial cash surrender value that you would lose in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, you can protect and keep the policy by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

It's always important to disclose all of your assets to your bankruptcy attorney. If you don't tell us about your assets, we can't take steps to protect them.

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