What Are a Co-Signer's Responsibilities in Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

If you are considering filing bankruptcy and a family member has co-signed a loan with you, it's important to consider the responsibilities your co-signer may have for the loan. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may discharge your personal obligation for the loan, but the creditor could still go after the co-signer.

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Is There a Way to Protect a Person Who Has Co-Signed a Loan?

There are two ways you can file bankruptcy and still protect a person who has co-signed a loan with you:

  • Continue to pay the creditor even though the debt has been discharged
  • File Chapter 13 bankruptcy and propose to pay 100 percent of the co-signer's obligation

You will not be permitted to pay interest to one creditor and not to another. As a result, the creditor may hold the co-signer responsible for interest payments at the end of your payment plan. In our experience, however, this is not likely to happen.

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