How Can Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help Me?

For the majority of people facing difficult debt situations, Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a real solution that can put your debts behind you and allow you to get a fresh start.

Difficult debt situations can happen to anyone. The vast majority of us live paycheck to paycheck. One minor emergency might be all it would take to send us over the edge where we would be unable to catch up on our bills.

Some of the most common events that push people over the edge include:

  • The loss of a job
  • A medical emergency
  • Divorce

What Can Chapter 7 Do For Me?

Chapter 7 provides a means to discharge your unsecured debts within a relatively short period of time while allowing you, in most instances, to keep assets such as your car and home. Types of debt that are readily handled by the Chapter 7 process include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical debt
  • Personal loans

Stop Debt Collectors

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, like all forms of bankruptcy, can put an immediate halt to all collection activities. From repossessions to wage garnishments and harassing phone calls and mail, debt collectors and creditors must stop all attempts to collect a debt once you have filed for Chapter 7.

We can help you understand the process and what you have to gain by filing for protection under Chapter 7.

We Have Provided Debt Relief For More Than 10,000 Clients

At Goldman & Beslow, LLC, we have been helping people make the most of the protections available under the Bankruptcy Code for more than 44 years. During that time we have helped more than 10,000 people just like you get the fresh start they deserve. We know how difficult it is to live with unmanageable debt, and we work hard to make the process quick and easy for people so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Northern And Central New Jersey

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