New Jersey Bankruptcy and Pending Lawsuits

If you are facing a lawsuit or other civil actions from creditors, bankruptcy may offer a solution. Bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to all creditor actions to collect on debts, including lawsuits.

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Bankruptcy and the Automatic Stay

When you file bankruptcy, you are protected from creditor actions to collect on most debts by an injunction known as the "automatic stay." The automatic stay puts an immediate stop to repossession, foreclosure, garnishments and levies. It also stops lawsuits and judgments.

There are a few exceptions to the automatic stay:

  • Filing bankruptcy will not stop efforts to collect back child support or student loans.
  • If you omit a creditor from the official list of creditors on your bankruptcy, those creditors are free to continue collection actions and lawsuits until they are notified of the filing.
  • Creditors can ask for permission to proceed with personal injury litigation (such as an auto accident lawsuit). However, the creditor would be permitted to go after your insurance, not your personal assets.
  • Punitive damages (such as those for injuring someone in a drunk driving accident) cannot be discharged by filing bankruptcy.
  • Criminal actions are not stopped by the filing of a bankruptcy case.

Seek advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney before you take any steps that you cannot easily undo.

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