Filing Bankruptcy More Than Once in New Jersey

Misleading statements by debt collectors leave many people believing that bankruptcy is not an option for them because they have filed in the past. In reality, bankruptcy may provide a solution to debts even if you have filed in the past.

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If You Have Filed Bankruptcy in the Past

Under the new bankruptcy laws that went into effect in 2005, you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and receive a discharge once every eight years. The count starts on the date you last filed bankruptcy, not on the date you obtained a discharge of your debt.

Even if you are not eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can still obtain debt relief and put a stop to adverse creditor actions by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Please contact our knowledgeable attorneys to review your previous filings and advise you of whether you are eligible to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can be used strategically to put a stop to creditor actions such as:

  • The IRS levying your wages
  • Your mortgage company foreclosing on your home
  • Your bank repossessing your car or other secured asset
  • A creditor harassing you

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