What Should I Do To Prepare For Filing Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is an amazing tool that can help transform your life. By filing for bankruptcy protection you can liquidate unsecured debt, reorganize secured debt such as your mortgage and you can put an immediate halt to all collection activities.

To make the most of bankruptcy, though, one needs to understand the process and take appropriate steps beforehand. You owe it to yourself to learn what you should and should not do to ensure that you receive all of the available benefits from going through the bankruptcy process.

Discussing your situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is the best way to learn about bankruptcy and how to prepare for it.

Some excellent suggestions to consider before filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Take a full account of your debts and assets — Having a full account of the debts you need to get rid of and the assets you want to protect will help your attorney build a case that truly helps you.
  • Do not take advantage of any more credit — Tapping into credit cards, personal loans and other sources of credit shortly before filing can create problems in bankruptcy.
  • Do not pull money out of your retirement — Bankruptcy can offer relief that will allow you to leave your retirement savings protected.
  • Do not transfer any assets — The court may see any transfers of assets as an attempt to hide them from consideration.

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