What to Expect at Your 341 Bankruptcy Hearing

Clear communication and trusting attorney-client relations are important to us and to our clients at Goldman & Beslow, LLC. We make sure that our clients know what to expect at every juncture as a bankruptcy case moves forward toward the goal of debt relief. This includes educating our clients as to what is likely to happen at a 341 bankruptcy hearing.

After filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will receive a notice from the bankruptcy court before long, telling you when and where to appear for a meeting with creditors and a trustee. In actual practice, creditors very rarely appear at 341 hearings. In most cases, they understand the power of bankruptcy to eliminate or restructure debts, and there is nothing to be accomplished by their appearance at the hearing.

Your bankruptcy hearing will take place at an office building. If it is a Newark filing, it will take place at 1 Newark Center, Newark, New Jersey. If it is a Trenton filing, it will take place in the main U.S. post office in Trenton. At the hearing, the room will be filled with other bankruptcy filers waiting for their turns. When it is your turn, you and your attorney will meet briefly with the bankruptcy court trustee, who will confirm the accuracy of the information you have submitted with your filing. The majority of our clients encounter no troubles at 341 bankruptcy hearings. Occasionally the trustee will ask for more information or make other requests.

We are very familiar with what happens at 341 bankruptcy hearings. We attend them with clients at least twice a week. We understand that there is no good reason for an honest bankruptcy filer to fear the bankruptcy court's trustee. However, we also understand that these hearings may seem intimidating to our clients. We communicate seamlessly among ourselves as well as with our clients in order to minimize stress and maximize the likelihood of a successful 341 hearing. This includes preparing our clients for typical questions they are likely to hear from the trustee. We also check and double-check to make sure that our clients bring required items to their 341 bankruptcy hearings, including:

  • Pay stubs
  • Two forms of identification: Social Security card and another official ID

Debt relief is on the way if you have made the decision to file bankruptcy. Let us get you moving forward with bankruptcy as expeditiously as possible. From our law offices in East Orange, Paterson, Jersey City and Newark, we are ready to inform and guide you.

Avoid Stress in New Jersey Bankruptcy Court by Knowing What to Expect

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