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Which millennial financial issues concern you most?

Being one of many residents in New Jersey who are in their 30s, you likely lead a busy lifestyle that has included financial challenges at some point along the way. Perhaps striving to stay afloat financially is a constant issue in your life. If so, you're definitely...

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Are you drowning in medical debt?

Numerous experts agree that most Americans are one medical emergency away from financial ruin. According to a fairly recent report, the average person spends over $10,000 on health care costs a year -- this does not include insurance premiums. If you are like most New...

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Fair debt collections: Do you know your rights?

In 1977, the U.S. government enacted a law that protects you regarding any and all debts you owe at any given time. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act prohibits creditors and collection agencies from harassing people who owe money on their credit cards or to a...

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