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Balancing bankruptcy and divorce together

Money is one thing that many marital arguments in New Jersey have been about. In some cases, financial troubles or radically differing approaches to money management and spending can even lead a couple to end their marriage. When spouses with serious financial problems make this choice, they may also be evaluating whether or not to file for bankruptcy. Certainly, a bankruptcy can help provide someone with a path to a better financial future but when it coincides with a divorce, care should be taken to proceed at the right time.

When should I file for Chapter 7?

It is probably not difficult to determine when you are having money troubles and issues with debt, but for many people, making that final decision to file bankruptcy in New Jersey can be difficult. It can be hard to know at what exact point your debts have gotten to be so much that the only answer is going to the court and filing.

How can delaying filing for bankruptcy harm me?

Bankruptcy is such a dreaded concept for some people that they will do all they can to avoid filing for it. However, even if going through Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes it harder in the future to apply for New Jersey loans or mortgages, delaying bankruptcy is often a worse option. Not only does delaying bankruptcy not improve your financial state, it can make things worse for you.

How can I build credit after filing Chapter 7?

Having to file bankruptcy is a huge step in trying to get your debt under control. It also is a huge hit against your credit. After you file Chapter 7 and your case is discharged, it will show up on your credit report, letting any potential lenders know that you filed. At some point, you will need to start rebuilding your credit so that you can borrow money in the future.

Is credit counseling required before filing bankruptcy?

You are not alone if you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey. Making the decision to file is a huge step. It has far-reaching consequences for your finances and is not a decision to make lightly. The government has put safeguards into the process to help ensure you are making the right choice and that bankruptcy is the best for your situation. One of those safeguards, according to the United States Bankruptcy District, is the pre-filing credit counseling requirement. 

What are some common mistakes people make in Bankruptcy?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy in the East Orange area, you should be careful about what you do in the months leading up to it. Though you expect for it put an end to the nonstop creditor harassment you are experiencing, lighten your financial burden and make it easier for you to sleep easier at night, the wrong moves could result in the dismissal of your case. Mistakes can also lead to complications that prevent you from receiving the full benefits of Bankruptcy protection. 

Filing for bankruptcy? Know traits of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

When it comes to personal bankruptcy, there are two chapters that almost all people will utilize: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. The differences between these types of bankruptcies are important. When you consider that nearly three-quarters of filings are Chapter 7, and the other quarter of filings are Chapter 13, you can probably guess that income is a big factor in determining which bankruptcy you file.

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