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It's not unusual for the financial stress of divorce to lead to a bankruptcy filing. Bankruptcy can be an effective tool to help you get a fresh start financially as well as in your personal life.

At Goldman & Beslow, LLC, our attorneys have more than 44 years of bankruptcy law experience. We are fully familiar with the issues involving bankruptcy and divorce, and are always available to guide you through the process. We offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions. We offer services in three convenient New Jersey locations in East Orange, Jersey City and Paterson.

Should I File Bankruptcy Before or After My Divorce?

Whether you would be better off filing bankruptcy before or after divorce depends on the particular debt issues you are facing:

  • If you and your spouse have no assets and are disputing the division of debts such as credit card bills, it may be less expensive to file bankruptcy to discharge the debts than to spend time and money litigating the issue.
  • If you have both assets and debts, you may want to file bankruptcy after you know what your marital property distribution order is. Certain obligations may be eliminated by filing bankruptcy.

Can Marital Property Distribution Debts Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Whether or not a debt relating to a divorce order can be discharged depends on how the debt is characterized and what type of bankruptcy you file.

Child support and spousal support cannot be discharged. However, a $50,000 loan to a spouse may be discharged if you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To understand what you can and can't do, it's important to seek the advice of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

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