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Why can student loans not be discharged in bankruptcy?

When filing bankruptcy in New Jersey, you may be dismayed to learn that your student loan debt cannot be discharged as part of your case. There are only a very few, rare situations where you can get rid of your student loan debt by filing bankruptcy. In most cases, they will stick around even after you file and your case is closed.

How can I build credit after filing Chapter 7?

Having to file bankruptcy is a huge step in trying to get your debt under control. It also is a huge hit against your credit. After you file Chapter 7 and your case is discharged, it will show up on your credit report, letting any potential lenders know that you filed. At some point, you will need to start rebuilding your credit so that you can borrow money in the future.

Confirmation is an important step in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Most people have some amount of debt. In many cases, the debt is positive in that parties have taken out loans for houses or vehicles, but in other situations, people can easily accumulate a substantial amount of other, less helpful debts, such as credit card debt or outstanding medical bills. You may land in the latter group of individuals who have considerable debt and feel that it will act as a burden for the rest of your life.

What is the best way to pay off credit card debt?

If you have credit card debt, you are not alone. Many other people in New Jersey struggle with this same issue. If you want to get it under control, then you need to create a plan to pay it off. There are many ways you can do this, but there are two methods that are most commonly used. Credit.com explains that people either pay off the highest interest rate cards first or pay off the smaller balances first to get rid of credit card debt.

If a lender threatens to close the door on your home loan

Your personality may have a lot to do with how you handle financial problems. If you're the type of person who worries a lot and tends to suffer anxiety when life throws a curve ball in your direction, you might panic a bit if your financial train veers off track. On the other hand, if you usually stay clear-headed, think things through, then explore available options to determine how to meet a problem head-on, you may view financial trouble as temporary.  

What is civil forfeiture?

There are times when law enforcement in New Jersey can take your personal property without your consent. According to NJ.com, if law enforcement suspects that your property is somehow tied to criminal activity, they can take it under civil forfeiture. The problem is that the laws in this state are considered to be horrible because they do not properly regulate civil forfeiture.

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