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Can you file bankruptcy due to student loan debt?

If you have high student loan debt in New Jersey and are struggling to pay your monthly bills, you may be thinking bankruptcy is your only option. Unfortunately, bankruptcy does not discharge student loans except under extreme circumstances. However, if you have federal loans there is alternative for you to make your monthly payments more affordable.

Preparing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you are thinking about filing for Chapter 7, you could have a number of questions on your mind, especially if this is your first time filing for bankruptcy or you have not carefully reviewed the ins and outs of this route. Of course, it is crucial to explore all of your bankruptcy options and make sure that you have settled on the direction that is best for you. For many people, Chapter 7 is advantageous and can not only help them find a fresh start but get creditors off of their back. However, preparation is key, and the approach that one takes could impact the outcome of their case.

Charlotte Russe the latest retail giant to fall

As the world becomes more technology-based and many retail sales are starting to take place online, the future of brick and mortar stores is beginning to look quite bleak. New Jersey is no exception as several retail stores have had to shutter their doors because of a significant decrease in customer traffic and sales. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not destroy your credit forever

Many New Jersey residents are struggling financially right now. Are you one of them? If you are, you have surely spent time looking at all of the debt relief options out there. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may have crossed your mind, but you are worried about the long-lasting effects it will have on your credit score. Guess what? Bankruptcy will not destroy your credit forever.

Can I keep a savings when I file Chapter 13?

When you decide to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may have many questions regarding your finances going forward. There are strict rules you must follow to stay within the guidelines of the court. The main one is following your repayment plan. However, what happens when you have changes in your income that give you some extra money each month. Can you put that into a New Jersey bank savings account?

Preventing repossession of your car

If you are a New Jersey resident who has received warnings about possible repossession of your car due to nonpayment, you may be wondering what options are available to you to help you keep your vehicle. At Goldman & Beslow, we have seen many cases involving vehicle repossession. Here is some idea of the options available to you.

How to get out of debt without filing bankruptcy

It is not uncommon for New Jersey residents or Americans in general to live beyond their means and to accumulate massive debt out of which they then have difficulty digging their way out. Many of these individuals eventually resort to bankruptcy, but some either do not qualify for bankruptcy or want to keep their credit intact but still obtain debt relief. According to Moneyning, it is possible to dig one's way out of debt, but doing so will require intense effort and careful budgeting over a period of three to five years.

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