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Can credit counseling save my assets?

When it seems you just cannot stay on top of your bills, you might fear the next step is the repossession of your assets. Some may turn to New Jersey credit counseling as the answer to their mounting debt. Credit counseling can be helpful, and while it does not guarantee the salvation of your car, home, etc, it can still open doors that may lead you back to financial solvency.

Can you reduce business debt without filing for bankruptcy?

If you are running into financial difficulties with your business in New Jersey, you may have entertained the thought of filing for bankruptcy. While you know it will take a hit to your credit and potentially destroy your company, you are not sure if there are any other options. Fortunately, you may have a second chance if you can effectively reduce your debt and reallocate your resources to reorganize your financial expenditures. 

What are your Chapter 13 debtor's obligations?

When you consider filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey under Chapter 13, you are taking a sensible step to relieve your burden of debt and make a fresh start financially. However, according to FindLaw, as a debtor, you have responsibilities to meet when you reorganize your debt with a Chapter 13 filing. If you fail to live up to the plan that you establish, the court may dismiss your case at any time. 

Are you one of many New Jersey residents facing financial crises?

It's probably not the first time you've encountered financial challenges in life. In fact, if yours is like many other New Jersey households, you've likely been having ups and downs with money ever since you got married and started having children. Some years may be better than others. However, if something unexpected occurs, it can really rock your financial standing and, perhaps, even turn into an all-out crisis.  

Keeping yourself out of debt with smart financial strategies

Debt is something that you may not recognize immediately, but it can accumulate much faster than you realize. If you do not set boundaries for yourself and stay aware of the money you are spending, it is very easy to quickly sink into financial debt and suffer damage to your credit score, reputation and financial future. At Goldman & Beslow, LLC, we have helped many people in New Jersey to weigh their options for managing significant debt. 

How can Chapter 13 bankruptcy save your business?

New Jersey business owners like you can't predict every ebb and flow of your business. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances outside of our control make it so that we fall into debt. If you find yourself in that situation, there are still ways you can get back out of debt.

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