Can you reduce business debt without filing for bankruptcy?

| Nov 17, 2018 | chapter 13 |

If you are running into financial difficulties with your business in New Jersey, you may have entertained the thought of filing for bankruptcy. While you know it will take a hit to your credit and potentially destroy your company, you are not sure if there are any other options. Fortunately, you may have a second chance if you can effectively reduce your debt and reallocate your resources to reorganize your financial expenditures.

Reducing the amount of money you spend may increase your cash flow and allow you to optimize what you have to be able to close out the debts you have that are outstanding. According to Quickbooks, you should communicate your concerns with the people who are lending you money. If you are delinquent on payments are have outstanding balances, consider reworking your contracts and negotiating new terms so you can pay off your debts before your creditors send the collections companies after you.

You may also consider reducing how much money you spend on things for your business that is not critical to organizational processes. Additionally, sit down and look at the budget that you have previously been using and modify it to meet your current needs. Finally, you may consider tactics for boosting the advertisement of your product or service to encourage more customers to buy what you are offering. You may even consider running a promotional offer or discounting certain products to encourage more people to buy.

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