How to enjoy the holidays without going broke

| Nov 20, 2019 | debt relief |

Traditionally, retailers in New Jersey and throughout the country offer deep discounts and other deals to shoppers in the days after the Thanksgiving holiday. While shoppers may enjoy hunting for deals, it is important that they create a plan prior to making any purchases. This can help them acquire quality gifts for their loved ones without going too deep into debt. Ideally, individuals will create a budget and spend time researching their purchases before completing any transactions.

To attract more customers, some retailers may match prices offered by the competition. Therefore, it may be a good idea to compare prices among several different companies before making a purchase whether online or in a physical store location. Those who are going to be shopping in stores or online during November and December should learn more about a retailer’s return policy.

In some cases, it may not be possible to return an item after a certain date or to return an item without proof of purchase. There could be a variety of fees added to the cost of a product, which would make it less affordable than it seems at first glance. For instance, an online retailer may charge a fee to ship the product, and shoppers likely also have to pay sales tax.

Those who are having financial challenges may be able to obtain debt relief by filing for bankruptcy. It might also be possible to negotiate new payment plans with a secured or unsecured creditor. An attorney may be able to help a person negotiate new payment plans or obtain debt forgiveness from a creditor. Legal counsel may also explain the potential benefits of bankruptcy such as an automatic stay of creditor phone calls or letters.