How can Chapter 7 bankruptcy get you peace of mind?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | chapter 7 |

One of the worst things about being unable to pay your debts is the constant barrage of calls, knocks on the door, letters and emails you will face from creditors or from debt-collection companies they contract.

While the law places restrictions on when and how they can contact you, many do not play by the rules. It can leave you nervous every time the doorbell rings or leave you missing important calls because you are too scared it might be a creditor to answer the phone.

Filing for bankruptcy can put a stop to the contact

Or at least most of it. Once a bankruptcy court accepts your Chapter 7 filing, creditors and anyone working for them should cease contact with you for all debts that the filing covers.

You may still receive contact if you have things such as student loan debt or court-ordered payments to another party because bankruptcy won’t cover those debts. It also won’t stop the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from contacting you about outstanding taxes or the authorities contacting you over unpaid child support.

Why is stopping contact so crucial

Many people underestimate the emotional harm bankruptcy does to them. Only once they have filed for bankruptcy and experienced a night’s worry-free sleep do they realize how staying in debt was keeping them down.

Once you clear those worries, your mind is free to focus on other things, such as how to build a better future and ensure you don’t fall into the same financial traps again. Seeking legal help to learn more about bankruptcy could be the first step toward a better life.