Can people really overcome massive medical debt?

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Like many Americans, you probably try to pay your medical bills even if it means skipping another financial obligation. Most people worry that they can no longer obtain health care if they fall behind on their medical bills, so they typically prioritize them.

Sooner or later, however, a serious injury or illness can cause someone to reach a point where they are months behind on other bills and can no longer cover their growing medical debt. What solutions are available for those buried in medical bills?

Two ways to pay the debt

You may be tempted to ignore those past-due invoices from the doctor’s office or hospital, but doing so will only worsen your situation. Your debt will likely continue growing if you do nothing to address it. Here are two options to consider for paying off your medical debt.

  • Seek a payment plan to pay the debt gradually.
  • Negotiate with your care providers to lower your bills.

When successful, these options can give you a little breathing room while you get your economic circumstances under control.

No guarantee of success

The problem with medical debt is that some people are already drowning in other debt by the time they fall behind on their medical bills. It is only proper to try to pay your financial obligations, but there is always a risk that your efforts will fail.

If that time comes, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be an ideal solution. You can repay your financial obligations without worsening your overall situation. Filing for bankruptcy also ensures immediate relief from creditor phone calls and harassment.

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Each state has unique bankruptcy procedures. Before filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey, consider learning more about the process and seeking legal guidance