When should I file for Chapter 7?

| Aug 28, 2018 | chapter 7 |

It is probably not difficult to determine when you are having money troubles and issues with debt, but for many people, making that final decision to file bankruptcy in New Jersey can be difficult. It can be hard to know at what exact point your debts have gotten to be so much that the only answer is going to the court and filing.

According to Money Crashers, choosing to file bankruptcy is an important decision that should be made carefully due to the impact it can have on your life. Before filing, it is always a smart idea to look at your other options. This could mean downsizing your life to free up more money to pay debts or getting another job to earn more money to pay debts. In addition, you should identify why you are in this situation. If you can catch up and get a handle on your debts, then it is by far much better to do that than to file bankruptcy.

You should look to alternative options if you only have a small amount of debt. You should not file just to avoid collection calls. You also will not benefit from filing if your debt is larger things that you cannot wipe out in bankruptcy, such as student loans or back taxes.

Filing for bankruptcy may be the best option if you have a high amount of dischargeable debt, such as loans and credit cards, you are behind on debt payments and/or you are already making as much money as you possibly can and are still falling behind. These things are indicators that you probably will not be able to get yourself out of debt without the help of bankruptcy. This information is for education and is not legal advice.