Some forms of financial struggle may fly under the radar

| Oct 18, 2018 | Firm News |

Dealing with substantial amounts of debt can be one of the most stressful and daunting experiences you may ever encounter. If you are going through an extended period of financial strain, you could be struggling simply to make ends meet and wondering what this could mean for your financial future.

As you work on a strategy to regain control over your finances, you might choose to start by attempting to identify the sources of your debt. While it might be easy to spot the common culprits, such as credit cards and medical bills, some sources of monetary hardship can be harder to detect.

Potentially subtle forms of financial strain

Debt can come in a variety of forms and fashions, some of which creep up over time, while others involve an unexpected and major expense. Some scenarios that might seem harmless at the time, but could lead to monetary struggle could include the following:

  • Dipping into retirement funds: While you might be eager to rid yourself of debt, dipping into your savings accounts might not be advisable, and such a decision could leave you vulnerable to additional financial risks in the future.
  • Failing to prioritize: Attempting to provide each creditor with equal payments every month may do little to bring balances down. While it is advisable to keep accounts up-to-date, focusing more on high-risk debts first could prove beneficial.
  • Adding monthly services: Monthly services that allow you to stream movies and music may seem like a necessity, and the cost of each might seem relatively low. However, the price of carrying multiple monthly services can add up over time.
  • Sales and rewards: Stores and outlets often seek to reel customers in by offering sale prices and rewards for opening and using a store- brand credit account. While these deals may appear too good to pass up, the interest rates on these accounts can be astronomical.

In some cases, debt could also be the result of impulsive spending habits or carrying debt might seem like a necessary part of life. However, significant amounts of debt could place you under a substantial financial weight and leave you searching for relief.

Relief from the burdens of debt

Substantial amounts of debt can have a detrimental influence on your future and leave you suffering a lesser quality of life for prolonged periods. You may wish to know more about the available options to reduce or eliminate your debts, and it might be beneficial to speak with someone with experience in federal and New Jersey bankruptcy laws for guidance. This type of advice could help you gain a better understanding of each available outlet for relief and assist you in choosing a path to work back toward financial stability.