Will holiday spending derail your financial stability?

| Dec 13, 2018 | Firm News |

The holidays are an exciting time of year, but for many, it can lead to financial strain. From buying gifts to hosting parties, it can be an expensive season for New Jersey consumers. You may find yourself spending more than you should, and as a result, you may accumulate a significant amount of credit card debt.

Many Americans carry at least some credit card debt. Because of interest rates and minimum payments, it can be quite easy for these balances to spiral out of control. Fortunately, there are relatively simple steps you can take to keep your spending in check. If the holidays and other reasons for spending lead to a precarious financial situation you cannot manage on your own, it may be beneficial to consider the benefits of bankruptcy.

Ways to avoid overspending during the holidays 

Like many people, you may have a long list of gifts to buy and limited funds with which to do it, or like others, you may make purchases on your card without realizing how much you are truly spending during the holidays. The following tips can help you curtail overspending and make it through the season without a debt burden you cannot handle:

  • Have a plan in place: One way you can avoid overspending during the holidays is to make a plan with a list of things you need to buy and stick to a budget. It is easier to avoid overspending when you have a plan in place.
  • Make cuts in different areas: With a little thought, it may be easier to cut back on spending than you assumed it would be. Look at ways you can trim your budget and avoid spending unnecessarily.
  • Know about your credit cards: Before you spend, it is smart to know the fine print about interest, minimum payments and other details of your card. It is rarely worthwhile to accrue debt for the sake of perks or other rewards.

The holidays themselves may not be enough to cause a precarious financial situation, but your spending during this time year can add to credit card balances and make it harder to get ahead.

A better financial future

If despite your best efforts to curb holiday spending you still find yourself dealing with financial hardship and credit card balances you cannot manage, you have options. By filing for bankruptcy, you may be able to deal with your debt once and for all and reclaim a better, stronger financial future. You may find it helpful to learn more about the bankruptcy process and what you can gain from moving ahead with this step.