3 disturbing health effects of credit card (and other) debt

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Did you know that your debt might make you ill? The link between debt and psychological health is widely known, but it can also affect your physical health as well.

No one ever expects to end up in debt, but it happens to those from all walks of life, from the poor to the middle class. Even those deemed wealthy often reach a point where they owe more money than they receive. So much debt with so little relief in sight can impact your overall condition in the following ways.

Stress, anxiety and depression

This one might not surprise you since most people feel anxious over financial matters. According to research, the stress levels of those owing substantial debts are nearly 12% higher than those without debt problems. They are also more prone to chronic worry, anxiety and depressive disorders.

Increased blood pressure

You may think this only impacts older people, but one study revealed that debt-stricken 24- to -32-year-olds suffer from an increase in blood pressure. The research also indicates that this age group is in overall poor physical condition, possibly exacerbated by too much debt.

Suppressed immune system

Chronic debt can lead to elevated stress hormones. Although they have a vital function—triggering the proper response against threats—elevated levels can have an unforeseen health impact. Eventually, high levels of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline harm your body, resulting in a suppressed immune system. In turn, this puts you at risk of developing more illnesses.

A successful bankruptcy may help you overcome your situation if your other efforts fail. If you are considering it as a solution for credit card debt, it might be time to learn about the bankruptcy options available to New Jersey residents.