Can creditors and debt collectors contact your workplace?

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When you’re being contacted by phone, email and letter by debt collection companies or your creditors, it’s a scary situation. The easiest thing to do is to try and ignore the problem and not respond. It can feel like too big of a task to try and tackle. However, that is usually not the best way to reach a resolution to the financial challenges that are prompting creditors to call you in the first place.

With that said, having these companies contact you at home is one thing. The thought of getting other people involved, such as your employer, is not only embarrassing but may feel like it’s putting your job on the line. Is this something they can do?

It’s not illegal for a debt collector to contact your employer

This statement is true unless you tell them that they cannot contact you at work. However, even if you don’t tell them to stop calling you at work, there are limits on what they can say and how many times they can call.

Debt collectors can only contact your employer to find out very basic information about you such as confirmation that you do in fact work there. They are not allowed to explain to your employer the purpose for their call or share any information about your accounts.

Debt collectors are also limited in the number of times that they can contact your employer. Generally speaking, each debt collector can only contact your employer for basic information about you once. However, they may also look to get in touch with other people who are associated with you in order to try and find out information about you.

While it may feel like an intimidating process, seeking a debt management solution with the assistance of an experienced legal professional can help relieve some of the stress and worry that results from repeated contact from creditors and debt collectors.